Why Imsys?

As one of the UK's leading consultancy companies, Imsys have established a reputation for providing pragmatic business solutions for companies wishing to integrate their management systems.

Our team of highly experienced consultants can provide focused advice and assistance to help make your existing management systems integral to your business and provide ongoing support. We have over twenty years experience of providing such systems which can only benefit your organisation. This combined with the use of experienced certificaiton personnel can only help to provide efficent systems that can be internationaly recognised and assist with your image in the supply chain.

How can we help?

Imsys can design and implement Integrated Management Systems to suit your requirements. These can be a combination of two or more internationally recognised systems such as ISO9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment and ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety. Typical projects may include the following key stages and ranges of IMS services:

  • Integrating existing systems or producing an integrated system from concept to certification
  • Gap analysis to identify current levels of compliance with the requirements of the various standards
  • Preparation and implementation of policy documents and performance indicators including monitoring and review requirements
  • Preparation and implementation of procedures, audit programmes, registers and other documentation (if required) based upon the organisation’s needs

If you wish to discuss your exact requirements or arrange a free advisory visit from one of our Advisors please call 07802 724915 or email: abw@imsys.biz

What are Integrated Management Systems?

Discreet management systems for quality, environmental or health and safety are often inefficient. This is particularly true where there is duplication or a conflict of interest. Now more than ever integrated management systems are being recognised by organisations as a way of increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Systems can be developed and implemented enabling companies to combine existing business practices within a common framework and removing unnecessary duplication and bureaucracy.

An integrated management system includes the requirements of a number of management system standards (i.e. quality, environmental and health & safety) that are combined into one cohesive unit, removing overlapping common elements while dealing with differing and additional requirements through a generic approach.

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